Antique Sewing Machine 'Wheeler & Wilson' D9

Code: KJ3619


Great Example of Wheeler & Wilson D-9 Sewing Machine.

In Original Carrying Case & Handmade internal storage box.

Lots of extras as shown in our photos.

This D-9 was made in 1898.

Serial Number 2498254


'A Bit of  Historical Information'

Wheeler & Wilson's No. 9 machine was introduced in 1887 it was designed for Family use with its high arm it was advertised as 'The Only Perfect Sewing Machine for Family Use'. 

In 1895 the D-9 was introduced which adapted the mechanism of the No. 11 manufacturing machine. Externally the most obvious difference was the hand appliance which was more compact. In Great Britain the D-9 was primarily sold as a hand machine although it could be used with a treadle. Following the initial launch of the machine the company seems to have dropped the "D" and simply advertised it as the No. 9.

After Singer's take over of the Wheeler & Wilson Manufacturing Company in January 1907 the D-9 was produced under the Singer brand name as the 9W until at least 1913.

Antique Sewing Machine 'Wheeler & Wilson' D9