Pack of 4 Ester & Erik Taper Candles

Pack of 4 Ester & Erik Taper Candles

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Ester and Erik candles are produced using a centuries old method.

The wick is strung on a metal/wax framework which is dipped into the coloured liquid parafin.

We have a selection of colours available, please chose your colour from the dropdown menu.

The candles are individually cut from the original dipped frame.

Each pair are packed in a gift sleeve. (2 sleeves per pack of 4).

The candles burn slowly with a steady flame, and without dripping, are odourless and emit no soot.

They extinguish themselves when they have burned down.

We stock a small selection of the Ester & Erik colours. 3 of which are also available in the longer length.


32cms in length with burn time of 8 hours 

OR 42cms in length, with burn time of 11 hours.

As with any naked flame, do not leave unattended when lit, and keep a distance of 10cm between candles.