Industrial Style Shelves

Industrial Style Shelves

Code: KJ8813


W: 50cm (19.7")H: 217cm (85.4")D: 48cm (18.9")

£975.00 Approx $1231.06, €1131.09

Bespoke Industrial Style Shelves.

Set of 3 Metal Frame Stands with Scaffold Plank Shelves.

Willing to sell individually (Please enquire).

Each Stand has adjustable feet and height adjustable brackets.

Plank shelves are also removable.

In Very Good Condition. 

Each Stand Measures 217cms high, 50cms wide by 48cms in depth.

Shelves measure approximately 47cms wide, 27.5cms deep & 3.5cms thick.

This is a collection only item.

This item is only available for collection.